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Dear Friends,
I am Krishna, owner of this website. By profession, I am an IT professional and out of my spare time, I teach music & work on my website content & technical development. I am playing guitar for the past 12 years, piano/keyboard/harmonica for around past 7 years. I started working on this project in 2009 and insipration came from the western sheet music websites and lack of similar offering for Indian Music. I derived the name MusicHorizon by connecting "Music" with the word "Horizon", "a place where sky and earth appears to meet". I decided to convert this thought in reality by bringing music and music lovers in one point, that is "MusicHorizon". MusicHorizon is an amalgam of my passion for music, technology and innovation. Music being the primary motive and technology, innovation and creativity being the driving factors-altogether helped me convert my thoughts into something meaningful that I wish to share with you. Althought it is a part time effort but I have tried my best make it professional enough to gain customer attention & trust.

Its been around more than 3.5 years since I have launched this website. I started the website with only 14 scores for sale and although the feedback from few was that who would want to buy the scores like this when there are free offerings over the internet? However, my focus was on writing Indian sheet music scores with quality and clarity and offering them using an ease to use website. It did work out positively and this niche idea gave results in the very initial phase. Thanks to the first customer who bought the score within the first 4 days of launch and also many others who bought the existing scores & ordered custom compositions. My website's sustainability & existence is attributed to all such people and I feel glad when I observe people registering, downloading the content & purchasing scores.

As you may have already observed, current sections include paid section for scores(instant download after payment), free midi files collected from other Internet resources along with converted scores, excellent music theory tutorial(courtesy riccy adams) & also integration with other content providers for western sheet music scores. Recently I have lauched a youtube channel where I have uploaded my piano recordings and sheet music previews. Please check out the link from home page.

I would like to thank you & every visitor/customer who came to my website and I promise to enagage you with more useful & innovative content in future.

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