The Premier's Back to School NSW Vouchers program provides 3 x $50 vouchers, totalling $150 for each eligible student.

Eligible purchases are limited to the following(purchasable items categories available on MusicHorizon are colored in blue) :

  1. School uniforms, including:
    1. shoes and socks
    2. hats, and
    3. sports uniform and shoes.
  2. School equipment, including:
    1. school bags
    2. lunch boxes
    3. drink bottles
    4. umbrellas and/or raincoats
    5. necessary protective equipment (for students enrolled in specialised classes such as chemistry, who may require goggles or a lab coat), or
    6. tools or equipment specific to sports or other programs (for students participating in sports, art or musical classes, who may require sporting gear, art supplies or musical instruments).
  3. School-prescribed textbooks or other reading material.
  4. Lesson resources (such as art diaries, major work materials, elective subject resources)
  5. Other stationery, including but not limited to:
    1. exercise books
    2. pens/pencils
    3. coloured pencils/crayons
    4. textas/highlighters
    5. erasers
    6. pencil cases
    7. rulers
    8. sharpeners
    9. glue
    10. scissors
    11. calculators, or
    12. geometry sets.

Important Notes:

  1. On MusicHorizon, the vouchers can be used for school prescribed music related text books, instruments and stationery only. The vouchers can be redeemed before 30 June 2023.
  2. All the orders made through the Back to School vouchers are final and cannot be refunded(as per the guidelines set by Services NSW). For refundable orders, please use other modes of payments such as credit card.
  3. Exchange may be possible on a case by case basis(e.g. damaged product).
  4. We therefore request you to place your orders carefully.

For redemption, please refer below:-

  1. Complete the order on and note down the order number(e.g. #1164) from the order completion screen or get it from the received order summary email.
  2. Submit the order number , your details and voucher number using this form OR you can give us a call on +61296263375 for redemption.
  3. Once the voucher has been validated and redeemed(usually within 24 hours) with Services NSW, your order will show as paid.
  4. Depending on your shipping method, you will receive additional information(such as tracking info or pickup details).
  5. Our stocks are refreshed periodically but in the event of an out of stock item appearing inadvertently (causing an out of stock product purchased by you), you can consider changing the product or cancel the order. The voucher will be redeemed only after securing the stock.