A Royal Night Out for Solo Piano

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This matching folio for A Royal Night Out features selections from the original music of the film composed by the renowned Paul Englishby . Arranged for solo Piano, the beautiful music fits the Royal theme perfectly, making it an absolute joy to play. The film sees the young Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret venturing out of Buckingham Palace during the VE day celebrations. The music reflects the comic drama that the film portrays, with the celebratory mood after the Victory in Europe. The film has been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike for acting, direction but also the beautifully fitting original score.  This songbook includes 17 selections from the film that underscore key moments such as Margaret Goes to Chelsea, Café In Paris, Elizabeth Asks, Trafalgar Square  and of course Princess Elizabeth (Opening Titles) . Not only does A Royal Night Out include fantastic engravings of these wonderful pieces, it also features a foreword by composer Paul Englishby  himself, in which he details his compositional process in fascinating detail, as well as some wonderful full colour shots from the film. Boasting some lovely music inspired by the period, combining swinging jazz as well as an intimacy for the portrayal of Elizabeth, the score for A Royal Night Out  is highly enjoyable playing, allowing you to relive those dramatic and comic moments from the film at your own Piano.