Absolute Beginners - Guitar Chords

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With Absolute Beginners Guitar Chords it's easy to learn to play chords on the Guitar, whatever your level of experience. Simply look at the photographs, then follow the diagrams and hear the chords played. Every time you come across a chord you don't know, just look it up and listen. Absolute Beginners Guitar Chords is probably the only chord book you'll ever need. This comprehensive guide features: Over 50 commonly used chords, fully illustrated for fast learning. See the chords you want to play in pictures and diagrams. Hear what they should sound like using the accompanying audio. Includes sevenths, power-chords, suspended chords and barre/moveable chords. Using the chords in this book you'll soon be able to play hundreds of songs! About the series: The Absolute Beginners series makes learning musical instruments easy. With clear photos and diagrams, you'll see exactly how to play. By listening to the audio, you'll hear how things should sound. Learn faster than you ever thought possible with Absolute Beginners .