Chart Hits Now! Blank Space plus 11 More Top Hits

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This collection of Chart Hits Now features 12 top hits that are popular right now, including Taylor Swift's fantastic Blank Space . If you're a pianist, vocalist, guitarist, or all three, these full PVG arrangements are perfect for learning the whole tune as accurately as possible. Chart Hits Now  is the most accurate way to learn 12 of the most popular hits right now, for Piano, Vocal and Guitar. You can learn songs like Bills  by LunchMoney Lewis, Fireproof by One Direction and Jess Glynne's fantastic Hold My Hand . The diversity on offer here is fantastic, with female pop icons like Jessie J, Carly Rae Jepsen and Florence + The Machine, as well as the male balladeers like Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and Hozier.  Featuring all of these hit songs by some big names, Chart Hits Now  makes it as enjoyable as possible to learn to play such catchy pop songs. Each song is arranged for Piano, Vocal and Guitar so it includes the Piano line (with fingering guides) and Vocal melody in standard notation, as well as Guitar chord boxes and symbols. Incredibly useful performance hints and tips are featured at the beginning of each song accompanied by a photograph and some interesting information about the song or artist.  The beginning of Chart Hits Now  also contains some invaluable reference information on the grand staff, note values, time signatures and other musical signs that you'll be able to see at a glance if you ever need to quickly jog your brain. This handy information means that this collection of hits is not just a way to learn your favourite songs, it will also help you become a better player. With 12 full arrangements of the best chart-toppers from recent weeks, as well as performance notes, song information and general theory tips, Chart Hits Now will allow you to learn and play these new songs with ease.