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Composing In The Classroom Opus 2

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Creativity, participation and enjoyments are the key words of Composing In The Classroom, Opus 1 & 2. They provide a variety of ways in which your class can approach composition. Clear explanations and inventive suggestions help to involve everybody in the excitement of musical discovery. Mostly you will need easy-to-play classroom instruments, but there is plenty of room for orchestral and keyboard players as well. Some sections can be undertaken with no instruments at all. Most of the activities are self-contained. You can use some or all of them, in any order. Pick and choose as you like: this is a source, not a course. Opus 1 is suitable for classes of 9-11 year olds, and non-specialist music teachers will find material easy to follow and fun to explore. Slightly older pupils may be able to approach the projects without the teacher's supervision. Opus 2 is suitable for 12-13 year olds and will provide a useful background in Music GCSE. To complete a real sense of achievement, try recordingor writing down the music which your class has composed!