Let's Jam! It's Our Band

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Our brilliant and talented music teacher gave us a FUN assignment - forma band and play for you! BUT we have studied so many cool styles in thi s fantastic music class, we don't know what kind of band we want to be! Come on down to the Twist and Shout and explore some great country, reggae, Motown, surf and blues like you've never heard it before! Perfect for upper elementary and middle school singers, this jammin' musical revuefeatures entertaining hits from the past, carefully arranged by Roger E merson for younger unison voices along with some optional harmony. Add the program dialog and choreography by John Jacobson for some great dancing in the street! And there's more! Extend learning with interesting online video interviews that explore rockin' horns, playing reggae, countryfiddle, harmonica and more! The Teacher Edition features reproducible p rogram dialog, piano/vocal arrangements and choreography. The Singer Edition 20-pak features singer parts in attractive full color spreads. 25 minutes. Suggested for Grades 4-8. What kind of band do you want to be?