More String Time Joggers - Teacher's Book + CD

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More String Time Joggers is a welcome addition to the ensemble repertoire for beginner strings from the authors of the award-winning Fiddle Time series. This exciting collection provides enjoyable and inventive ensemble material for all string groups, whatever their size.

String Time Ensembles
• 17 fun and characterful ensemble pieces, arranged in suites for concert performance
• Flexible scoring for violin, viola, cello, and double bass with piano or CD accompaniment - from duets in any combination to large ensembles
• The level corresponds to the Joggers books for violin, viola, and cello - part 1 uses all fingers in the pattern 0-1-23-4 for violin and viola, and 0-1-34 for cello; part 2 is slightly easier, using mostly open strings and first fingers
• Teacher's book with score, including piano part, notes on the pieces, and a CD with performances and backing tracks for all pieces
• Pupil books for violin, viola, cello, and double bass with lively illustrations
• MP3s and additional material available to download from a Companion Website