Play Piano With... Gaga, Adele, Keys, etc.

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Learn to play the original Piano parts to eight great songs by Lady GaGa, Adele, Alicia Keys and more. The Play Piano With... series puts you right there with these amazing singers, also letting you sing along with the CD backing tracks. The Music Book Features authentic and accurate transcriptions of eight fantastic pop tunes by these excellent performers. Each tune in the book includes melody line, chord symbols, chord boxes and full lyrics. With some of the biggest hits of the past few years, including Adele's Make You Feel My Love, Beyoncé's Halo and Alicia Keys' Empire State Of Mind Part II, this edition of Play Piano With...  gives you a great selection of pop tunes that are just perfect for the Piano.  Not only these tracks, but others by some of the best performers of today are included, such as Speechless by Lady GaGa, Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars and Pixie Lott's Cry Me Out.  Each of these songs is loved by nearly everyone, so they will be ideal for impressing your friends and family with a performance. The Piano parts have been transcribed exactly as GaGa, Adele or Alicia Keys plays them, so you know you're getting the real thing. The CD With full ‘soundalike’ instrumental demonstration tracks, as well as tracks with the Piano removed, you are able to take the place of these pop pianists with your very own backing band. These backing and demonstration tracks are professionally recorded so that you can play along to them in the best quality so it sounds simply as authentic as possible. Check out the Soundcloud preview player below that lets you see for yourself how great the accompanying backing tracks sound.  These authentic and accurate transcriptions let you Play Piano With Lady GaGa, Adele and Alicia Keys , among many others with full backing tracks on the bundled CD. For pop-enthusiasts and perfectionist pianists everywhere, this book and CD is for you.