Playbook Keyboard Chords - A Handy Beginners Guide

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Whether you want to learn them one at a time or use as a quick reference guide, make your practice perfect with the Playbook: Keyboard Chords - the ideal partner for the Keyboard player. This pocket-sized playbook includes all the essential Keyboard chords, from A all the way to G. These are displayed in three ways: standard notation, a photograph which shows suggested fingering and finally a 3D image that effectively shows which keys to play. This fantastically innovative design enables you to instantly locate all manner of chords and start playing and learning them straight away. The chords listed include all major and minor shapes as well as some more exciting 7th and major 7th types to get you sounding great. Also included here is a great introduction to chord inversions, as well as recommended further reading and listening so that you develop your playing fast. The small and compact design means that you can keep it with you wherever you are so that you're never left without a certain Keyboard chord. An invaluable reference for use at home or on the go, Playbook: Keyboard Chords contains 80 pages of chords that are designed to be flicked through easily and quickly to find exactly what you’re looking for. We also offer a Playbook for learning to play the Keyboard. Click here to view it.