Playbook Learn To Play Keyboard - A Handy Beginner's Guide

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Make your practice perfect with the Playbook: Learn To Play Keyboard . The ideal partner for beginners, this pocket-sized playbook will get you playing the Keyboard in no time. The Playbook is small enough to be flicked through quickly and easily in order to find the relevant information. This means that you can leave it at home or take it with you wherever you go so that you are never left without the essentials of Keyboard again. Despite its small size, there is a huge amount of useful information contained within. As you begin, you will learn the very basics of physically playing the instrument, such as fingering, your hand positions and how to read music. Flipping your way through the guide, you will be introduced to notes, chords and even your first song so that you can hear how far you've come. Also included are examples of further reading and listening to help your abilities progress and develop. So whether you are teaching yourself from the beginning, or you just need a convenient reference guide, the Playbook: Learn To Play Keyboard is the perfectly pint-sized companion for you. In addition, we offer a Playbook just for Keyboard chords. To ensure you're never caught short again, click here .