Playbook Music Theory - A Handy Beginners Guide

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Make your practice perfect with the Playbook: Music Theory . Containing the fundamentals of Music Theory in a pocket-sized guide, this is the ideal partner for the beginner. The Playbook is compact and practical, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. Whether you keep it at home or leave one in your bag, you will always have it to hand, ready to look up that crucial bit of theory. Because of this useful structure and design, you will learn and retain the content with ease. Despite its unassuming size, a wealth of information is contained within, including everything a beginner will need to know. At the beginning, the guide takes you through the stave, the different clefs and basic note values. As you progress, you will learn about the circle of fifths, scales and chords. As an introduction, this covers all bases, and its miniature size makes it the clearest possible resource for a beginner to the murky world of Music Theory. So whether you are learning from scratch, or you need a handy reference guide, use the Playbook: Music Theory to learn all the basics quickly and easily.