Really Easy Piano - One Direction Vol. 2

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With 21 more fantastic One Direction songs arranged for Really Easy Piano , Volume 2 takes songs from their massive third and fourth albums, Midnight Memories and Four , respectively. With song notes and useful performance hints, this book is the best way to learn some of 1D's best songs.   As One Direction  continue their meteoric rise to fame, becoming even more of a household name, their third and fourth albums cemented their status as pop music's most unstoppable force. With two album's worth of fantastically fun and catchy tunes, this One Direction sheet music will keep you and your fingers busy learning how to play some of their biggest hits ever like Best Song Ever, Fireproof, Midnight Memories and Story Of My Life.   With the release of Midnight Memories and Four, One Direction took something of a new direction with their sound. A more rock-oriented approach produced songs that wouldn't sound out of place in a huge stadium, while, as the boys have grown up, their lyrical themes have also matured, producing more personal and heartfelt songs. With this second volume of the bestselling Really Easy Piano: One Direction sheet music, you can perfectly learn 21 of their greatest hits, from the rockingly anthemic Little Black Dress  to the more intimate and personal Night Changes.     Arranged for Easy Piano , these songs are simplified, taking only the most important parts of each song like those catchy choruses and brilliant chords, so that pianists of all abilities can play them. Not only this, but fascinating background information for each song is included, as well as some really useful performance hints and tips, helping you to nail every song straight away. As well as songs from their third and fourth albums, this One Direction songbook features Heroes , the X Factor finalist's charity song, and Forever Young,  the song that would have been released had they won the competition.   If you loved  the first   One Direction  songbook, or if you just adore the five lads from 1D, check out this Really Easy Piano sheet music, teaching you the band's best tunes in no time at all.