Restart Guitar

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Restart Guitar helps you pick up where you left off! This book has been written especially for anyone who wants to return to playing the guitar, no matter how long ago they gave up. If you keep looking at the Guitar you bought so many years ago that's just sitting there gathering dust, why not pick it back up again? This book will give you the inspiration and drive you need to work the rust out of your fingers and remember those essential chords and scales. Whether your old instrument needs a bit of sprucing up, or you need to invest in a brand new one, Restart Guitar  will give you the best advice on what to go for. After you've got your Guitar sorted, all you have to do is start playing it again. This is where Restart Guitar  really shines. It gives you various different starting points depending on your existing skill level, or how much you remember. It can get you going right from the beginning if you've forgotten everything, or it can help bring you up to speed if you've had a momentarily lapse of memory. If you feel like starting again at a more advanced level, the clear headings will help you to skip the irrelevant bits and get the skills you missed the first time. Best of all, Restart Guitar  is enjoyable and fun. You will learn at the same time as playing things that aren't dull and boring so that you stick with it this time around. The Restart Guitar  refresher course will make sure you start playing, and keep playing! The innovative Download Card that comes bundled with the book gives you instant online access to helpful audio demonstrations and practical backing tracks.