Sing! Vocal Warmups for All Styles

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Sing! is a complete programme of effective and efficient Vocal Warm-ups suitable for all styles of singing. Also featuring a download card that gives you access to online audio and spoken instructions so that your voice will be in the best shape possible for any performance.   Written by an accomplished, world-class vocal coach with around 30 years experience working with singers in a multitude of genres and styles, Sing! Vocal Warm-ups will explain the science behind the intricacies of the human voice while providing you with 39 exercises to help you warm up your voice as effectively as possible, reducing the risk of frustrating strain or injury.    Whether you're a smooth jazz singer, a powerful rock belter or a folk crooner, this book will allow you to refine various vocal techniques, encouraging you to learn how to protect your voice and prepare it for making the best possible performance. The convenient book will take you through different regimes, getting you to sing well, low, supported, long, freely and clearly, with each one focusing on a different aspect of your voice and your singing technique. You can use the exercises to plan your own warm-up routine, or just work your way though.   Using the audio examples provided on the practical and useful download card, you will be encouraged to participate as you might in a live warm-up session. The spoken instructions will guide you through, while you'll be able to sing along to the music or just familiarise yourself with each exercise before you try it out for yourself. The logical layout and authoritative exercises make Sing!  an essential tool for singers of any style to learn how to properly warm-up.   Written by author Paul Knight, who has been a vocal coach for over thirty years, each exercise has been expertly-crafted to be a perfect way to warm-up your voice. As a consultant, senior lecturer and vocal coach, Knight knows exactly how singers should be keeping their voice in perfect condition. This book of exercises, Sing! Vocal Warm-ups , will ensure that whether you're serenading, crooning, chanting, bellowing or belting, your voice will always be well-kept and ready to go!   The December 2015 edition of Berliner Chorspiegel said that this volume was