Songs of The Piano Stars

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The Piano is unquestionably a timeless instrument that has never, and will never go out of fashion in popular music. The beauty of the keys, when married with the right singer or songwriter, has the power to create truly momentous music, and Songs Of The Piano Stars , with its 24 hit songs from the past and present, will let you learn to play a selection of perfect Piano-led tunes. Drawing from the wealth of popular tunes from the past sixty years that have included a pretty Piano part or two, Songs Of The Piano Stars  presents a massive range of artists and their songs that are well-loved and will remain so for years to come. From The Beatles and Carole King to Alicia Keys and the Ben Folds Five, the variety on offer here is testament to the persistence of the Piano in popular music.  From beautiful ballads like All Of Me by John Legend, Don't Explain by Nina Simone and Imagine by John Lennon to huge pop hits like Carly Simon's You're So Vain and Elton John's classic Tiny Dancer , these songs, arranged for Piano and Voice with full lyrics and Guitar chord boxes, will allow you to learn and perform them accurately and beautifully. There are some old classics included, such as the legendary Tom Waits' Come On Up To The House  and Randy Newman's I Love To See You Smile , and these are put alongside newer tunes like Brave by Sara Bareilles and Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles . These songs have been expertly-selected and engraved to reflect the most-requested songs by Piano singer-songwriters from over the years. With the success of the electric Guitar and the advent of rock music, the Piano-led performer faded away somewhat, but the underlying love of composers and songwriters of creating music at the Piano never subsided. This Piano sheet music songbook features the greatest songwriters who have always championed the indomitable ivories throughout the changing musical landscape.  Whether they sculpted a career out of their Piano songwriting skills in the '60s or '70s, or they continue to integrate the Piano into their modern pop songs, Songs Of The Piano Stars is full of fantastic Piano tunes that will sound really great as part of your repertoire or in a performance. Music history has shown us that the Piano is here to stay, so open this songbook to your favourite song and play!