The Complete Keyboard Player 21st Century Love Songs

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The Complete Keyboard Player: 21st Century Love Songs features 17 modern ballads arranged for easy Keyboard with lyrics and chord symbols. Featuring all of the best contemporary love songs and ditties, this selection will keep any romantic Keyboard player up to date with the latest charts!  This songbook includes suggested fingering, voice, rhythm and tempo, as well as full chord diagrams, lyrics and melody for all songs. The love song has been around for years, with some of the best songs ever being written about that elusive emotion. However, contemporary artists are still trying to better these classic songs, and their efforts certainly are worthy. You'll already be familiar with all of these songs, and they're so much fun to play on the Keyboard. With Evergreen by Will Young, Avril Lavigne's I'm With You , Feel by Robbie Williams and Coldplay's In My Place , some of the finest and most romantic love songs of the 2000s are included here. You'll be able to learn some amazing modern love songs by brilliant contemporary bands and musicians, with inclusions from Oasis, Muse, Maroon 5 and Keane, allowing you to sound out some of the best songs of the past few years on solo Keyboard. The Complete Keyboard Player  song book contains the 17 best 21st Century Love Songs. The love song is by no means a dying art, as these songs prove, and all of the romantic ballads and Valentine's melodies are perfect for getting in a sentimental mood with some of the best artists of this century so far.