The Complete Ukulele Player Songbook 2

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The Complete Ukulele Player Songbook 2 contains another sixteen classic and contemporary songs that have been expertly arranged for Ukulele and Voice. The perfect companion to the unique Complete Ukulele Player tuition method and the first volume of accompanying songbooks, these great songs are specially selected to get you strumming, singing, and enjoying playing the Uke. This brilliant collection of tunes takes inspiration from how fantastically the Ukulele sounds when reinvigorating classic songs. Eight popular tunes have been married with either more classic traditional songs, making one songbook that's packed with tunes that are simply great fun to play. With popular songs old and new like the classics Dancing Queen  and The Beatles'  In My Life, as well as the contemporary pop hits  Budapest  by George Ezra and Seasons (Waiting On You) by Future Islands, The Complete Ukulele Player Songbook 2  brings so many top hits of the pop and rock world to your Ukulele. Not only this, but a further selection of traditional tunes   are included like Auld Lang Syne, Greensleeves and The House Of The Rising Sun , letting you learn those old favourites that everyone is sure to know. All songs in the Complete Ukulele Player Songbook 2  are arranged for Ukulele and Voice, letting you strum and sing on your own, or with a big group. Full lyrics are included, as well as Ukulele chord boxes and suggested strumming patterns, ensuring you nail every word and chord of these songs that are great fun to play as well as helping you progress on the instrument. The songbook is accessible and enjoyable, fitting such a fun and popular instrument as the Uke. The surge in popularity of these accessible instruments in recent years means old favourites like the songs in this book have fresh lives breathed into them, and we're sure you'll have great fun playing all sixteen tunes. Whether you've made your way through the Complete Ukulele Player  tuition book, the first volume in this unique songbook series, or you just want a chord songbook that's packed with tunes you'll love to strum and sing, this second instalment of The Complete Ukulele Player Songbook is absolutely ideal for you.