The Little Black Book of All-Time Smash Hits

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This edition of The Little Black Book series features a compact compendium of over 70 All-Time Smash Hits , presented in chord songbook format, arranged in the same keys as the original recordings with chord symbols, Guitar chord boxes and complete lyrics.   Over 70 popular hits old and new are presented here, for quick and convenient learning and performing. Everyone has heard these songs, whether they're by oldies like Phil Collins and Frank Sinatra, contemporary gods like Radiohead or The Temper Trap, pop perfection by S Club 7 and Britney Spears or rock royalty like Genesis and The Stone Roses, these tunes cannot be missed, and they're all collected here in The Little Black Book .   You'll absolutely love playing from this Guitar chord songbook, it's just so easy to use. It's small enough to leave in your gig bag for quick access whenever you get a request to play something that everyone knows, but by no means does it have a small selection! Each and every one of the 70 songs included here is guaranteed to be loved by all, from Against All Odds to All By Myself  and from  The Man Who Can't Be Moved to You Are Not Alone , these are classics of rock and pop that should be in every Guitarist's repertoire.    So, whether you're a budding pop Guitarist or a seasoned rock professional, this collection of All Time Smash Hits  are fundamental for pretty much everyone to know. There will  come a time in your Guitar-playing career when you are sitting around a campfire, or chilling at a party and your Guitar talents will be called into action. With this Little Black Book , you'll instantly know to which crowd-pleasers to turn. Remember this is just one of the scenarios in which this chord book will come in handy: you'll be using it for years to come.