The Ultimate James Horner Film Score Collection

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One of the all-time great film composers, James Horner 's output was extensive and memorable, not to mention instantly-recognisable. His musical abilities meant he was able to lend his talent to any genre of film, as the 12 wonderful pieces included in this Ultimate Film Score Collection confirm. All music is arranged for Piano and, where relevant, Voice. The collection of themes and songs included here are representative of James Horner 's famous compositions from the beginning of his career to the present day. A selection of his most enduring works are included here, from 'Star Trek II's Theme  back in 1982 to Promises/End Titles from 'The Amazing Spider-Man' in 2012.  For his oeuvre of over a hundred major scores,  Horner  received two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards and a body of work that will surely be added to the canon of great scores. This body includes music for 'Avatar' ( I See You ), 'Braveheart' ( For The Love Of A Princess ) and the incomparable 'Titanic' ( My Heart Will Go On ), all of which are included in this Ultimate Collection . The scores in this collection are arranged for Piano and Voice, so you'll be able to learn James Horner 's greatest works from one convenient place. These unforgettable themes include those for 'The Perfect Storm', 'Apollo 13' and 'A Beautiful Mind', which were all cinematic successes that boasted such fittingly climactic music.  With The Ultimate James Horner Film Score Collection , 12 of his most original and uplifting themes are immortalised for your playing pleasure in what is sure to be a mainstay on your Piano's music stand.