Legendary Piano Series - ABBA

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Luxuriously bound with a unique, faux-suede embroidered design and an exquisite presentation box, Legendary Piano: ABBA is not just a collection of expertly-arranged sheet music, but also a beautifully presented tribute to one of the greatest pop acts in music history.  The Swedish quartet burst onto the pop music scene after their Eurovision performance in 1974, and within ten years had crafted some of the most exquisite and melodically interesting pop songs ever, and we're not overstating! If we mention some of the tunes that are included in this ABBA  sheet music book, such as Mamma Mia, Take A Chance On Me, Waterloo or The Winner Takes It All , we can guarantee you've practically started humming them, and regardless of your musical taste, you can't deny that you love these songs. Despite going their separate ways back in 1982, it is testament to their legacy that their music has remained at the top of the pops even that many years. With the success of the musical based on their songs, and their greatest hits album being one of the best selling albums of all time, their music continues to reach new audiences. The Legendary Piano: ABBA  book is certainly the most beautiful way to learn songs like Thank You For The Music, S.O.S., and Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! for Piano, and each song features a lavish engraving in standard notation, as well as full lyrics and chord symbols. Not only this, though, but the book features full page photographs, as well as informative and interesting introductions for a selection of songs. This would be a really perfect addition to the bookshelf of any ABBA fan, as well as any fans of pop music specifically, or great music in general. With each and every song, ABBA's popularity rocketed, helped along by the brilliantly-composed melodies, the masterful songwriting and the vocal performances of all four members of the group. This opulently-produced Legendary Piano volume is the ultimate collection of songs by ABBA, and truly the most enjoyable way to learn probably the greatest pop songs of all time for Piano. Carefully selected, meticulously transcribed and beautifully presented, this sheet music is a fitting tribute to the melodies, harmonies and lyrics of this Scandinavian four-piece.