The Gig Book - Pub Songs

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The Gig Book Of Pub Songs is the ideal way to learn all of those rousing anthems that are guaranteed to inspire a spirited sing-along. These handy Gig Books come with tough PVC covers and are an ideal size for stuffing in your gig bag for quick and easy access to the best classic songs ever. The beauty of Pub Songs is the spirit and air of camaraderie with which they are sung. Some classics here that everybody knows and loves like Another Little Drink Wouldn't Do Us Any Harm, It's A Long Way To Tipperary, Pennies From Heaven  will ensure that there's never a quiet moment in your favourite local. However, the problem with Pub Songs , is that after a few pints or Gin and Tonics, nobody can remember the lyrics, and the melody descends into a barely discernible drawl. Never fear, the Gig Book Of Pub Songs  will ensure that you never forget any of the words and the melody will remain remembered for the entire night. Other songs include Nellie The Elephant, You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You, Abie My Boy and When Irish Eyes Are Smiling . Each and every one of these is sure to incite a spirit of goodwill and a joyous togetherness in the crowd, harking back to those times when a pub singalong was not only encouraged, but mandatory. With a hard-wearing PVC cover, the Gig Book  series is designed to withstand anything that you might throw at it, whether it's drops, dings or even spillages!  You can be sure that this book of  Pub Songs will last you for many uses, or as long as you last at the pub on the night!